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All students in grades 1k – 3k are asked to bring the following items. In addition, teachers will email a class specific supply list in the early summer.

  • Backpack   (11×14 or larger).  A backpack this size may look big on your child, we will gladly help them carry it if needed.  We have found that a backpack that can accommodate a lunchbox, sweatshirt, and folder in one contained place makes transitioning in and out of school easier for the child because their hands are free.  Purchasing a larger backpack now will also eliminate the need to buy a new backpack as your child moves into higher grade levels. Please do not send a rolling back pack.  The following are examples of backpacks that have worked well: PBK- large, Lands End-Small or larger, Garnet Hill-Junior or larger, Wildkin Backpack (avoid the pack n’ snack)
  • Lunch Box that can keep food cold.
  • Change of clothes to be left at school.
  • Nap Mat – If you will be purchasing a new nap mat please purchase a  Mint, brand (available at local stores and online) as we will be moving toward using that brand as a uniform nap mat in 2019-2020. We’ve found they fold nicely and hold up well.  If your child uses a lovey or a paci during nap please plan to provide a set to be left at school during the week.  Please send a paci clip with your child’s paci so that we can keep it with their nap mat.  We will send all washable items home weekly.
  • long sleeve waterproof art smock. Please be certain your child’s smock has velcro rather than ties.

** These items will be brought to school on Student Drop In Day and be used for a special activity!  Please do not send any school supplies prior to Drop In Day.