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Student Placement Policy

St. Paul’s Early Education Center provides all parents with the opportunity to submit a written letter to include any important information or special circumstances that should be considered as the staff works to place children in classrooms for the 2021-2022 school year. Submitting a letter is neither encouraged nor discouraged; however, if you choose to do so, we ask that you read and follow the guidelines below. Only letters that meet the guideline requirements will be considered. Directly requesting a teacher is not permitted. Please note, the deadline for these informative letters to be submitted is May 1, 2021.

Student placement at the EEC is taken very seriously, a great deal of time and careful thought is put into considering the best interest of every child in each classroom. Teachers and administrators collaborate and use their best judgment to place students in classes where they will excel. We take into consideration each child’s strengths, growth areas, academic needs, developmental needs, ideal classroom environment and any social concerns with placements. 

Please be aware that submitting a letter on behalf of your child does not guarantee placement in a certain class or with a particular person (teacher or student). Because we are aware of dynamics that at times may be confidential we cannot commit to honoring specific requests. This is simply an opportunity to share additional information about your child that may be helpful to know during the placement process. The EEC is devoted to providing a nurturing environment and quality education in every classroom to every student.

Please note that the final decision on all student placements rests with the administration. In order for letters to be considered, please submit to Erin Schwant via email erin@stpaulseec.com by May 1, 2021. All letters will be held in strict confidence. Students will be notified in the summer about class placement.


  • Requests about the type of classroom environment in which you believe your child will be most successful, rather than requests for a specific teacher
  • Hopes for the relationship between your child and their teacher
  • Any significant interests your child has such as music, art, etc. as well as what they enjoy most about school or what you anticipate them enjoying
  • Growth areas or specific goals you have for your child next year (feel free to be specific with regard to social skills, academic achievements, behavioral changes, motor development etc)
  • Any developmental concerns you have noticed or are seeking treatment to improve such as socialization, motor development, speech etc..
  • Any special considerations we should be aware of (allergies, health problems, changes in family situations, attitude, recent move or divorce)
  • Any emotional issues which may be relevant to class placement
  • Any previous school experiences, positive or negative, that made an impact on your child or your family.


  • Parents of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) may submit requests to have their children separated or placed in the same class. 
  • If you have a dual role with a teacher such as; you are neighbors, family members or have some other extracurricular connection that would lead you to believe it is best for your child not to be with a specific teacher please feel free to mention that in your letter.


  • Requesting or “un-requesting” a teacher by name or through obvious descriptors unique to one teacher.
  • Requesting that two students be placed in the same class unless there is a documented, valid need for special consideration
  • Requesting that two students be separated unless there is a documented, valid need for special consideration.
  • Requesting an “experienced” teacher or “first year teacher”