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We believe in embracing the whole student therefore, running, jumping, singing, dancing, praying, creating, collaborating and resting are a part of their everyday school routine. We strive to provide our young students with opportunities to enhance their fine and gross motor skills in their indoor and outdoor classrooms and through their special subjects.


We seek to prepare young children for their future as students. Together with their teachers, students work toward meeting and surpassing benchmarks that are established based on their age and stage of development to ensure that they develop a love of learning and are well prepared for their future education. The benchmark system is used by St. Paul’s School and has been adapted to be developmentally appropriate for 2, 3 and 4 year old children.


Through our daily chapel services and classroom activities we help students develop a knowledge of who we are as God’s children, who God is as our Creator and how His works are displayed within us and throughout our world.